Wings of Faith


This is the first painting I have done in the “Hello Soul & Mixed Media”  class.  It was fun to experiment with some new techniques and supplies.  What makes the class so enjoyable is seeing everyone’s work go up on the Facebook community page.  There are artists in this course from many different countries. As we all comment on each others work it is a great way to build an artistic and supportive community online. It’s amazing to find out how much you can have in common with others living half a world away! The words that I want to work on getting into this art in the future are: “Faith is the substance of that which is hoped for, the evidence of that which is not yet seen.” (maybe I’ll add them later with photoshop).  I am hoping to find a card publisher for this.  Working in the area of recovery demands huge amounts of faith, and I want to create more art to inspire those who are struggling in any area.


2 responses to “Wings of Faith

  1. Adriana Mesa

    This is such a beautiful peace Katie. I am feeling so inspired by it … I have had so much on my plate – it has taken me a while to carve out some time and to join the community. How wonderful that you are have such a great experience. Adri

    • Thanks Adriana! You are the first person to comment on my blog! It definitely is inspiring to be a part of this group.
      I know when the time is right we will carry this inspiration from others into our work.

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