Gratitude for the expression of Gratitude!

I am writing about the wonderful feeling I got receiving an envelope of appx.. 30 thank you notes from what I think must be the third grade class that we did our guest author/illustrator presentation of “The Washington Oak Kittens” for several weeks ago.  What a wonderful feeling reading all of those letters gave me!
I am so grateful to get a glimpse of the impact it made and to see everyone’s unique way of expressing their gratitude! I will treasure those notes.  They are something I can pull out when I feel unsure or impatient for the next thing to happen with art.  This note especially (that I have reproduced in my blog) is a reminder to me of one of the best qualities that children possess: nothing they imagine or want seems impossible! They clearly can envision it happening! I remember being that way,  and  know I need to get more of that feeling back .  Just reading that comment about the Caldecott award made me laugh- it actually was in several of the notes!  But then I thought to myself: It is so important to just do what you love and hope for the best, and not get so wrapped up with how things will happen, or what hasn’t produced results in the past, or what might not work in the future- that openness to possibility is the gift in these notes! Maybe as Tyler says: “it isn’t that hard”. So to all the children at the Kent Center School thank you- doing the presentation and receiving your special heartwarming notes has had a profound impact on me. I will remind myself today that even though that was my first book- who knows how many more may still be in my future!  Thank you for wrapping up the perfect experience we had with a perfect ending!



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